Mostly just a tumblr gallery of the drawings from my main.

Decided to do the championsona(inspired by colloquialpancakesothers), and couldn’t think of something good for a Scolipede outfit so Chatot’s the next best thing.Plus something different.

(now to actually be good at competitive pokemon)

Favorite piece of the semester so far in my drawing/art class. Ink cross hatch of this fucking metal bird. (Ref: x)

Finally got the rest of my paintings done! Sorry the pictures look dull/blurred, my camera isn’t the best when it comes to bright lights.

Those lights were a pain to paint around btw. (Hope I did the Japanese text right)

Pen sketches of the Eyebrow club, with Mugi as mediator.

Sorry I don’t post much here, but I’ll do what I can!
Here’s a Scolipede gijinka I’ve been planning for a future speed boost Scolipede along with headshot gijinka doodles of my others.

Here’s corner images of Axel and Shizuo that I made last year for my main tumblr. I ended up sticking with Shizuo, but feel free to use them. You can edit them or something, just be sure to give credit of the original image.

e-lodicolo ASKED:
/r/ Dragalge, Zygarde, or Heliolisk


Here’s Heliolisk basking in the sun, even though in game that would drain its HP unless it had Sand Veil.

Might do Dragagle in the future. Zygarde is a bit tricky looking at the moment.

I never noticed the line between Bergmite’s eyes as it’s mouth(?). If it is, then it looks less like a bug like I used to think. It’s still hella cute.

My laptop can’t handle me on photoshop for too long wth.


I always end up doing portraits..Here’s my first drawing of 2014!