Mostly just a tumblr gallery of the drawings from my main.

Hawaiian colleagues

What if Blake decided to chop her hair at the end of the Black Trailer?



New gijinka of me! Refreshing, popping, yet trying to remain casual(no luck perhaps…)

Here’s the old me.


Here’s a pen doodle of a bearded vulture when I was working on this. Maybe I’ll do more anthro stuff in the future.

Entry for the RWBY Fan Art (Contest?)

We know nothing else about him other than what was shown in the Black Trailer, but I don’t care. I like him.

This was supposed to be posted on Sonic’s birthday, but I’m late. So just have these stacked hedgehogs. (Pssst, check out this one too)

I asked a character and number from Eric/E-Lo and he said to draw Aigis(not a surprise) with #9. She’s with her dear protagonist, Minato/Makoto, well, at least his arm..

Drawing her made me realize I have little experience with drawing metal/robot parts. 

I saw this girl with a really nice dress the other day + I want to draw Rei = this

"a warmup flat drawing" *sweats* eh-heh…

If only shiny Zygarde was red…

I also think Nadeko was a much more interesting character in the “Medusa” and “End” Arcs than Bake and Nise (or maybe I just need to rewatch those)

its so difficult trying to think of a character… but rei ryugazaki with number 14! ^u^
You were supposed to be a badass cool type, why are you such a blessed dork instead!? (which I’m totally okay with)

I tried to do this AU look where Blake becomes a Sawari Neko, but all I got is a more cat-like Blake with longer hair. Didn’t bother adding detail to the hair because it looks better like this.

 "✮" and i’ll handwrite draw my favorite food
Hard to say, but I’ve always like fried fish in general. My favorites are grouper, particularly the spotted grouper. Enjoy my funky fish, I don’t have any good fried grouper refs at this time.
♥( ̄^ ̄)ゞ 
"♥" and i’ll draw you a picture
Here’s a rough painting(because I got too into it) of Biollante vs Perfect Chaos because there’s not enough of this crossover battle. I don’t think I drew a good Biollante..
oh gosh i’ll have you know that i spent a good long while thinking of a dang character ;o armin arlert with number 14 :3
Armin witnessing *spoilers*